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Robert Jennings, V.S. 1864 John E. Potter and Company, Philadelphia. Very good condition, 490 pages. $125.00 1204001
Lamora S. Gary 1956 Coward-McCann, Inc., New York. First edition, very good condition with very good dust jacket, 256 pages. $19.00 0302002
Found in: Cookbooks
Private Geo. H. Washburn 1894 Press of E.R. Andrews, Rochester, New York. First edition, very good condition, 521 pages. $125.00 0312002
Found in: Civil War Books
George Wharton James 1917 Radiant Life Press, Pasadena, Calif. Second edition, very good condition, 280 pages. $70.00 2100001
Found in: U.S. History